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About us

International, multi-language PR for your business.

In increasingly innovative and competitive markets, the main differentiator between businesses that manage to succeed internationally and those that do not can boil down to being able to  communicate effectively.

For over thirteen years, OutspokenPR and Josephine Ornago its founder, have helped businesses position themselves in global vertical markets.  A solid understanding of the life sciences, fintech and broader technology sectors in combination with native copywriting skills in English, Italian and other European languages such as German, French, Spanish, and Dutch, position OutspokenPR as the ideal partner for businesses and start-ups that want to stand out from the crowd in international markets with a special focus on the US and and the EMEA region.

To help businesses make their voice heard, OutspokenPR develops a tailored approach based on strategic comms positioning and B2B Thought Leadership. Our range of services spans media relations, copywriting, media relations management and translation and is carefully attuned to international business culture.


Media relations

Positioning, Thought Leadership and international media relations are the key drivers of our activity.
Effective press release distribution and strategic consultancy ensure your messages go further for longer.



With a key understanding of business in both Italy and the English speaking world (UK, US and English speaking EU), OutspokenPR is the ideal partner to help you manage communications to and from these markets.